Who are you?

Dancers and Acrobats

Are you a ballroom or street dancer? Are you versatile in many different dance forms and can even juggle while you move?

If so, dress comfortably and prepare to dazzle us.

Costume Characters

Even if you don't physically resemble any of our characters, you can step into their shoes and transform into one.

As a costume character, you'll be expected to portray the character you are wearing and be required to dance and act in our parades and other events.

Musicians, Singers and Actors

Can you hold a tune, act out a serious monologue or jam with the best?

We need performers able to support a variety of musical and stage acts that our parks host.

Speciality Acts

Are you a ventriloquist? A fire eater? Or something else?

We’re always on the lookout for unique talents that can fit into our roster of events. Come show us what you’ve got!

Face Characters

Do you resemble one of our Iconic Warner Bros. or DC characters?

If so, then this is the role for you! We do require you to have basic dance and/or acting skills necessary to portray the character.

What to Know & Expect About Our Auditions

These auditions are for our Family Fun Theme Parks, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld and Warner Bros. WorldAbu Dhabi.

We’re looking for people who are talented, uplifting, bright and well-groomed. Try to maintain a sunny persona throughout the whole experience.

Singers, ensure that your sheet music is neatly presented and choose an upbeat song from the pop or musical theatre genre, that not only suits your voice, but also showcases your personality.

Dancers, ensure that you wear comfortable clothing as you’ll be asked to participate in a movement/dance combination.

Please note that we don’t reimburse any transportation costs to attend the audition.

Performers must be at least 19 years of age on the day of the audition.

Audition Tips


Not only are we looking for exceptionally talented performers with great technique, but we are also looking for your personality. So don’t forget to smile and bring a little taste of sunshine with you, as it makes all the difference to see how you would engage with our guests.


While all roles can differ, one thing that is crucial is how you present yourself. Dancers should wear clothing that shows your personality, but also that gives a good indication of your body shape. All performers must come well groomed and be prepared for a long day, so a change of clothes may be useful after a hard workout. For female performers, look your best with your hair done and strong day make-up.

Audition Schedule & Callbacks

Audition times can vary, but expect to be with us on the day for up to 8 hours, should you progress through the various rounds. You also must be prepared to receive a callback or a request for further information up to 48 hours after the open call audition, so try and keep the period around the audition free.

Face Characters

We are looking for DC characters out there. That said, it is not a requirement to come to the audition dressed as a character. What we are looking at is the personality and of course physical look and dimensions that could make you our Hero!


Drummers be prepared to bring percussive instruments, either handheld drums, or buckets, as well as drumsticks. We will be looking for timing, rhythm and of course flair.

Costume Character Performers

Be prepared for a long day, as you will be required to perform a basic dance combination that will be taught to you at the audition, which may lead to you bringing one of our characters to life on the day! Also be prepared that part of the role requires you to cold read a short script or poem, to see how you would follow direction and engage with our guests.


It is crucial ALL Performers have at least a basic understanding of English, both verbal, written and understanding, so they can effectively communicate in our team. All Face Characters will be asked to perform scripted dialogue in English and MUST portray the character with a neutral American accent in most cases.


Be prepared to wait! The audition process can take some time to be completed as we finish the global tour. If you are selected, it may be some time till you receive a confirmation on a contract, so sit tight, but feel free to follow-up at casting@farahexperiences.com if you have any questions. During the selection process, you will be required to fill out numerous forms so BRING A PEN and be prepared to have your measurements taken.

Am I right for the Role?

There is only one way to know and that is to attend our open call auditions. Our only limitations can be height, which is mentioned in the audition call and Face Character auditionees must fit with the iconic “Look” of our Heroes.